25 Days of SEXmas – December 11 ♀️♀️

Day 11 – lick my peppermint stick

I laid on my back, trembling as she ran the peppermint stick up and down between my thighs.  I felt the trail of stickiness it left on my bare legs.  She began to run it up and down my slit, then, I moaned with pleasure as she slid the peppermint stick inside. 

Slowly, inch by inch, she slipped the peppermint stick deep inside my pussy, it was weird and sticky and sexy.  Then she pulled it out and held it up.  The candy was dripping from my pussy.  She looked at me as she began to lick my juices off.

“Peppermint and pussy, yummy!”  she said before beginning to suck on the stick.  I reached down, sliding a finger between my legs, slicking it with my wetness.  I popped the finger in my mouth, tasting my pussy and the peppermint.  She was right, it was good.

Back inside me, she slid the stick.  Slowly at first, then faster, pushing it deep inside me as I began to moan, then scream with pleasure.  I felt the orgasm building inside me, knew it wouldn’t be long before I climaxed. 

My back arched, lifting my ass off the ground as she continued. 

“Oh, yes!  Oh, I’m gonna come!  I’m coming! “  I screamed as I orgasmed, squirting all over her as she continued to push the candy in and out.  When I finally collapsed, she pulled out the peppermint stick and began to lick it once more. 

After we devoured the Peppermint stick, she grabbed a chocolate-dipped strawberry off the table.

“Want to see what I can do with this?”

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