An Erotic Halloween Story ♀️♀️

Happy Halloween from Riley Blackstone

Audrey bit down hard on her lip, trying to stifle the moan that was trying to escape her throat.  The other moans were what scared her.  Unfortunately, it was her moan that drew the others.  Sadie’s face was buried firmly between Audrey’s legs, her ears muffled by Audrey’s creamy thighs.  She hadn’t heard the other moans.

Sadie, oblivious to the danger, slid her tongue over Audrey’s clit.  They had only met two days ago, but in the apocalypse there wasn’t time for long term dating.  Why wait to have fun if you might have your heart torn out tomorrow? Fuck today, because you’re gonna get fucked tomorrow was the closest thing Sadie had to a personal creed.  When she had found Audrey scavenging for food in an empty house, Sadie had immediately noticed the rainbow tattooed on the other woman’s ankle under the layers of dirt.  Taking a guess, she had hit on Audrey and gotten her naked within two hours.  Of course the promise of a hot meal and a bath might have had something to do with Audrey’s acceptance but Sadie didn’t care, willing pussy was willing pussy.

“Sadie!” Audrey said in a harsh whisper. “They’re here.”

Sadie, reluctant to stop teasing the delicious Audrey reluctantly stopped and lifted her head.  She licked her lips, tasting Audrey’s goodness on them.  Audrey pressed her legs together.

“They can’t get in.  I had a hoard of thirty out there last week and I teased them for two days before I hid.  They were gone within a day.  The undead only hunt by sight and sound.  Let’s finish and go to sleep.  They’ll be gone by the time we wake up, I promise.

“Are you sure?  I don’t want to be caught with my pants down”  Audrey looked over at her dirty shorts in the corner along with her last pair of underwear, a lace thong that was definitely not designed with a zombie apocalypse in mind.  “Well, metaphorically down.”

Sadie laughed then gently pushed Audrey’s legs back apart.  “I’m sure.  And, if by some miracle they got in, we still have two locked doors before they could even be up here, you can recover your pants and follow me to the attic before they make it up here.”  Audrey relented, spreading her legs for Sadie.

Audrey didn’t love Sadie, barely knew her but the woman was good with her tongue.  This was the fifth time in two days that Sadie had been between her legs and it just kept getting better.  Audrey, resigned that this orgasm would be accompanied by the sounds of the undead, closed her eyes and enjoyed the ride.  A few minutes late Sadie’s clever tongue did its magic.  Audrey couldn’t hear the undead horde gathering when she came.  The moan she had held in for so long escaped.  Somewhere along the way the moan had transformed into a scream of ecstasy as it left her lips.

The hoard went silent for a moment, then the moans became wails as it doubled in size and frenzy.  They banged on the boarded-up windows and doors of the two story manor.  Sadie wasn’t worried, she knew exactly how strong the house was, she’d had it built to withstand far more than a few hundred zombies.  The doors were reinforced steel and the boards over the windows concealed the metal security shutters that covered all the windows.  Nothing short of a tank was getting through that front door.  Sadie didn’t tell Audrey this and more than she had told the two dozen other women that had been her guests here since the apocalypse.  Sadie didn’t want attachments.  In a few more days Audrey would be gone and Sadie would be back to living by herself, just the way she liked.

Sadie peeled off her shorts and underwear, then straddled Audrey’s face.  As she lowered herself down to Audrey’s waiting mouth, she began to stroke her clit.  Audrey was good but not great and needed some help.  Sadie began to stroke rhythmically to the wails of the undead as Audrey’s tongue slipped inside her.  Unlike Audrey, Sadie loved the audience.  Before the end of the world the thought of a hoard of people hearing her fucking would have been the ultimate high.  The fact that her audience was made of the undead didn’t matter, it was still hot.  Sadie climaxed, squirting on Audrey’s face

Besides, if Audrey wanted to be nervous about zombies, she should be worried about the ones in the basement.  The group made up of the other women that had shared Sadie’s bed.  Sadie mouthed the words over and over as she came… Fuck today, because you’re gonna get fucked tomorrow.  Fuck today, because you’re gonna get fucked tomorrow.  Fuck today, because you’re gonna get fucked tomorrow.  Fuck today, because you’re gonna get fucked tomorrow.  Fuck today, because you’re gonna get fucked tomorrow.


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