Robert and the Bank Manager ♂️♀️

This was a custom piece that was commission. Robert, enjoy your story.

There he was again, Robert walked through those glass doors and back into my life. I could see him entering our bank from the door in my office. I knew he was coming back in today.  He’s been in here, begging for us to give him time since the shutdown.   I felt bad for the guy, and I might be able to help him out if he was willing to help me out.  At 45, I was the youngest female bank manager in my company.  But my desire was for more than just power, my desire was for Robert.

I reached down behind my desk and slid a hand up my skirt. Thank god for private offices and big desks.  In anticipation of Robert’s arrival, I skipped my normal no-nonsense work panties for a Victoria’s Secret thong that did nothing to cover up my bald pussy.  I slid the barely there thong to the side and began to stroke my clit.  The orgasm hit me almost immediately, my legs shook with pleasure and anticipation of what I hoped would happen next.

I pulled my hand out and quickly wiped it on my chair, standing just in time to shake Robert’s hand as he walked into my office.  The thought of him touching my hand after it had just been on my pussy made me even wetter, I felt a drop slide down my thigh until it caught on my black stockings; the sensation sending a shiver down my spine.

“Good morning, Robert, please have a seat. I’ll get the door.”  The lock in my door made an audible ‘click’ as I engaged it.  I saw Robert’s spine straighten as he heard it.

“I understand your situation, this government shutdown has hit everyone hard… I don’t want you to lose your home, but there’s nothing that A&L bank can do to help you out.”  I watched his shoulders slump before I continued.  “There is… something I can do to help.”

I walked back to my side of the desk, unbuttoning my blouse as I did.  The slow clacking of my high heels matched time with the buttons as the popped free.  Robert opened his mouth to speak but was at a loss for words.  I opened my shirt, exposing my black lace bra that barely held in my large breasts in.

“Robert, I would be willing to help you out with your problem, if you will help me with mine.”  Robert stared at my breasts, unable to look away as I slid my blouse off and let it fall to the floor.  “Are you willing to help me out?”  I asked as I reached behind and unhooked my bra.  My breasts spilled out as I removed the last hook and let my bra join my blouse.

Robert nodded and was about to reply when I put my finger to my lips.  “No words, words complicate things, just take care of me and I’ll take care of you.”

I stood and walked over to Robert.  I pushed his chair back and straddled him.  I grabbed his head and shoved it towards my breasts as I began to grind my hips on his crotch, his bulge pushing through his jeans.  I let go of Robert’s face and began to unzip my skirt.  I wore one that unzipped completely for quick removal.  The skirt joined the shirt and bra as I continued to grind on Robert, I unzipped his pants, letting his hard cock poke through his boxers.  I could feel his cock pushing against my pussy, the only thing keeping it out of me was my thong.

I grabbed Roberts hands and put them on my breasts, he squeezed handfuls as I began to grind faster, my thong rubbing my clit as I did.  I bit down on the knuckles of one hand to suppress the moan that tried to escape.  I wanted him inside me.  But that was too much of a risk.  The last thing I needed was another kid and I hadn’t been on birth control for a long time.

It was too much, I was about to let him in me, so I jumped off and took his hand, I pulled him out of the chair and whispered in his ear.  “Lay down on my desk.”

Robert Obeyed, his cock stood at attention as he lay down, glistening from my wetness.  I climbed on top of him and straddled his face.  My stockings were slick on the hard wood desk, so I reached back and grabbed Robert’s cock for support as I lowered my pussy over Robert’s face.

Robert’s tongue was as good as I had imagined.  It took him less than two minutes of teasing my clit to make me come on him.  I pressed down harder against him as he slid his tongue deeper into my slit.  Robert’s hands reached up, wrapping around me from behind and grabbing my breasts.  He squeezed hard, sending me over the edge as his tongue burrowed into me.

I couldn’t keep myself up, my stockings were too slick on my polished desk.  I turned around and bent forward.  I took Robert’s giant cock in my mouth as I lowered my pussy back down onto his face.

Robert reached up, grabbing my thong in his strong hands and pulled, snapping it like string.  He pulled the thong off, the cloth pushing against my clit and nearly sending me over the edge again.  I took his cock deep in my mouth, pumping my head up and down as he continued to drill me with his tongue.  I slid one hand back to rub my clit, the other hand stroking his shaft in time with my mouth.  Robert began to moan with pleasure, so I pressed my pussy harder against his mouth.  I cane again I could feel myself squirting on his face as I climaxed.

I rocked my hips faster, grinding my clit over his tongue as he moved his hands to my hips, helping me glide over his face.  My heels fell to the floor as my legs shook with pleasure as he brought me to orgasm for the fourth time. 

I knew I could go one more time, I was determined to make Robert come with me I stroked his shaft faster, pumping it hard as I sucked, willing his cum into my mouth.  I felt him stiffen as he reached the edge of climax, then the explosion.  When the first stream of his cum hit the back of my throat I gasped, I called his name as best I could as I went over the edge again, he filled my mouth with his hot, sticky cum as I tried to swallow.  My legs lost their remaining strength and I collapsed onto him, pushing his tongue hard against my clit one last time as he emptied himself into me, I shuddered as the last orgasm shook me to my core.

I licked Robert clean then climbed off him.  I grabbed my bra, slipping it on quickly before donning the blouse and skirt.  I slipped my high heels back on and returned to my seat.  Robert took my thong and slid it into his pocket, a memento of our carnal pleasures then walked to my bathroom to clean his face.

I licked the last bit of Robert’s cum from my face as I logged into his accounts.  It took less than two minutes to mark Robert’s house paid in full.  I nearly logged out, but an unconscious shift of my legs sent a quiver of pleasure through me.  I marked his truck and credit cards as paid to.  After all, Robert was an excellent customer.

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