Summer Love – The Day Before ♀️♀️

***Takes place the day before the first story in summer of Love. I would recommend reading it first at the link below as this story contains spoilers***
The First Time

Told by Emily

I saw Amanda at the store today, she didn’t see me. She was wearing a black tank top and yoga pants. The black stood out amazingly on her alabaster skin. Her red hair cascading down her shoulders complemented both perfectly.
I followed her for 30 seconds before I realized what I was doing and ducked down another aisle. I know she’s got a crush on me and has for a long time. I wish she knew I felt the same way. I wish I could tell her how I lay in bed and fantasize about her. I want to tell her about the erotic dream I had last week. I woke up, sheets soaked, touching myself after that one. I had nearly worked myself into an orgasm while I slept!
Would you like to hear about the dream? I thought you would. Ok, I’ll tell you.
I dreamed that Amanda walked into my bedroom naked. Well, that’s not entirely true, she was almost naked, a big red ribbon wrapped around her hips and between her legs, it was tied in a bow right above the curve of her amazing ass.
I was laying in my bed wearing what I usually wear to bed, which is nothing. She walked up to me, hips swaying back and forth, her hands cupping her small breasts then sliding down her body. I felt my pussy get wet just by the sight of her.
I started to ask her what she was doing in my bedroom, naked, but she put her finger to her lips, telling me to shut up. She walked over and climbed up on the bed, straddling my stomach as I lay there. She reached behind her back and untied the ribbon, it slowly unwrapped itself from around her slender waist, and looping itself around her hand. Amanda leaned forward and took my right hand, she tied the silk around it, then took my left and tied it to the right. She lifted my arms above my head and the ribbon tied itself to my headboard.
My heart was beating with excitement as Amanda leaned down and kissed me, her soft pink tongue slipping between my lips and into my mouth. A shock of pleasure ran through my stomach at that first kiss. Amanda kissed me. I kissed her back, moaning as years of unfulfilled passion flooded me with desire. She kissed down my neck, finding the spot that always makes me squirm and licked. Another shock ran through me as I began to pant, the pleasure was so intense! The inability to touch her was driving me mad, I pulled at the silk rope, trying to free my hands but the magic dream silk held. Amanda kissed down my body, ignoring my attempts to free myself. She kissed and nibbled down my chest, flicking her tongue over one nipple, then the other. Both my nipples went hard at her touch as a gasp escaped me.
Still, Amanda moved down my body, kissing, licking and nibbling my skin. She swirled her tongue around my navel making my muscles spasm in pleasure and expectation of what would come next. I felt the orgasm build as she continued her journey south down my body. Right as the tip of her tongue touched the tip of my pussy, I came! An orgasm tore through my body as a scream ripped out of my mouth. My body convulsed with pleasure…and I woke up.
When I awoke, I was drenched in sweat and my pussy was nearly dripping, I could tell from the soreness between my legs that I had been rubbing my button for quite a while. I closed my eyes and tried to hold on to that picture of Amanda wearing nothing but the ribbon as I continued to pleasure myself, I whispered her name when I came.
I laid in bed for a long time after that, who could go to sleep after that? I think I’m gonna walk to the lake tomorrow and see if I can get Amanda to notice me, I think we’ve both been denying what we want for too long.

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