Summer of Love – The First Time ♀️♀️

This is the first part of my new book Summer of Love – Volume One
This book Alternates between stories told by Amanda & Emily, our two main characters. Enjoy!

The First time

Told By Amanda

We’ve been neighbors for 10 years, since we were both nine years old.  Growing up, we were inseparable, best friends forever.  At least that’s what I thought.  Then puberty hit.  Emily got breasts that made all the other girls envious, and made all the guys take notice.  Suddenly everyone wanted to be Emily’s friend, but Skinny, pale, freckled Amanda was ignored.  It also didn’t help that once I hit puberty, I discovered that my feelings for Emily were more than BFF’s.  I was in love with her.

I saw Emily from my second story bedroom window, walking through the field between our houses.  We lived out in the country and I could tell from the pale green string bikini top and daisy duke pants that she was going to the lake on the back of her property.  I followed her with my eyes, watching her blonde pony tail bob up and down as she walked.  Brushing across her beautifully tanned skin.  Her firm breasts bouncing slightly was she walked.

I felt myself get wet at the sight of her.  I reached down and started to rub between my legs, my fingers rubbing up and down outside my shorts.  My other hand reached up my shirt to tease one of my nipples. 

Suddenly, Emily stopped and turned, staring straight at me, I pulled my hands away and put them behind my back.  I turned red as  I hoped she hadn’t seen what I was doing.  Emily started walking to my house. Oh my god, did she see?  Was my secret I had kept for all these years out?  Would she tell?

I went down stairs and met her at the door, I was still red-faced with embarrassment but the combination of being a pale skinned redhead and long summer days left my face perpetually burned.  I hoped she wouldn’t notice.

Emily bounded up my porch steps and called out to me.  “Hey Amanda, why don’t you come to the pond with me?” 

I couldn’t believe it, she hadn’t seen.  I told her to give me a minute to change and dashed back upstairs.  I put on my black string bikini, my hands shaking as I tried to tie the sides of the bottom part. I looked down at my small breasts, mosquito bites they had been called on more than one occasion, I know all the girls had wanted breasts like Emily’s but I would have settled for a small C.  I sighed as I put my bikini top on and pulled a long T-shirt over me.  I grabbed my all important sunscreen and sprinted back downstairs.  I met Emily on the porch and we set out to the pond.

We made it to the pond and Emily spread out a blanket.  She stepped onto the blanked and out of her shoes.  She had her back to me as she unbuttoned her cut of jean shorts and slid them down her tanned legs, she bent over to taken them off and I couldn’t help but stare at her perfect butt.  Under the shorts she had on a pale green g-string.  I felt myself get damp again as she finished removing her shorts.  She stood up and pulled out a bottle of sun tan oil  She turned to me questioningly.  “No thanks I said, I brought sunscreen.  I pulled off my t-shirt and quickly began to apply sunscreen before I started to burn.  Emily walked up and grabbed the bottle off the blanket, “I’ve got your back” she said as she squirted some into her hands and started to rub it onto me.  Goosebumps popped over my arms as she touched me, her soft hands rubbing the back of my neck and shoulders. 

Her hands started rubbing over my back. “You know, I saw what you were doing in the window.”

I froze, every muscle going tense as she spoke “What do you mean?”

“I saw you touching yourself as you watched me walk by”

I couldn’t respond.  I was mortified.  I was about to run back home, back to my bedroom and hide forever.

“Did it feel good?”


“Did it feel good, touching yourself…I bet it did.  I bet it would feel better if I touched you.”

Emily reached up and slowly untied my bikini top. It fell to the ground and I instinctively covered my breasts with my hands. She slowly walked around me, facing me as she reached behind her back and untied hers as well, she pulled her top up over her head as she stood in front of me.  I stared at her.  Her  gorgeous breasts were right in front of me.

Emily reached out and took my left hand in her right and placed it on her breast.  Then her right hand went to my breast, her fingers teased across my now hard nipple.  I had no idea what was going on here, so I just went with it, I started to caress her breast as she stepped forward and kissed me.  My breath caught for a second, then I was kissing her back.  My other hand wrapped around her and pulled her gorgeous body into mine.  She wrapped both hands around me and slid them down over my back, down to my bikini bottoms.  Then she tracked her fingers along the edges, making me shiver with pleasure as her tongue slipped into my mouth.

Her tongue was soft and warm, slipping between my lips and dancing over my tongue as a little moan escaped me.  I had dreamed of this moment.  Kissing her, touching her, feeling her hands on me.  Emily pulled away from me and gently pushed me down onto the blanket, telling me to lay down.  I was so shocked by what was happening, I didn’t argue. 

Emily laid down next to me and began kissing my neck, she ran her fingers up and down the inside of my thigh, lightly tickling me.  I let out a moan of pleasure as her lips kissed down to my collar bone as she teased her fingers between my legs.  Her mouth kissed down to my breasts, her tongue swirled around my hard nipple as she reached her hand over to the side of my bikini bottom. 

I moaned as my body shuddered with pleasure, she began to suck on my nipple as she slowly untied my bikini bottom.  She sucked harder as she pulled off the bottom half of my bikini.  Emily slipped a finger inside my wet pussy as she as she continued to suck on my nipple.  I’d never been touched by anyone besides myself before.  I came almost immediately.  My body shuddered as Emily slipped her finger out of my wet pussy and sat up, she slowly sucked the finger she had inside me and winked at me.

Emily stood up and untied her g-string, letting it fall to the blanket.  She stood there, looking like the goddess of Aphrodite, her shaved pussy looked so inviting, I wanted to taste her so bad.  I got up to my knees and wrapped my arms around her thighs and pulled her to me, I ran my tongue up her perfect pussy, tasting her sweetness as my tongue slipped inside.  She grabbed my head and pushed my face against her pussy.

I couldn’t believe this was happening.  I had dreamed of this for so long and it was finally happening.  Emily started grinding against my face as I continued to slide my tongue into her.  I felt her legs begin to tremble as she came closer to climax.  Her fingers grabbed my hair, holding me tight as she continued to grind.  I reached my right hand back, grabbing her perfect ass, pulling her close to me.  My left hand went down between my legs and started stroking my own pussy, I wanted to cum again, I wanted to cum with her.

After a few more minutes of my licking, she climaxed.  I could taste her sweetness in my mouth when she came.  She let out a moan of pleasure which sent me over the edge.  My body shook as I came with her.  I don’t know how I managed to keep my tongue on her but I did, licking up her goodness as aftershocks rocked both of us. 

Emily sank to the blanket, pulling me down with her and held me close to her.  She ran her tongue over my lips, tasting herself on me and smiled. “So, was it better when I touched you?”

“Yes.  That was…Amazing.  How long have you known?”

“That you had a crush on me?  About two years.”

“I thought you were into guys, you dated Eric for six months last year.” 

Emily shrugged it off, the movement making her breast bounce just a little bit.  “I’m not picky, besides, I’ve had a crush on you for a couple years too.” 

She rolled over to me and started kissing me again as her finger tips teased across my stomach.  Abruptly, she stood up and held out her hand, I grabbed it and she pulled me to my feet.  “Come on, lets go swim!”

I reached for my swimsuit but Emily laughed at me.  “No, like this” she said, waving her hand at her own naked body.  She turned and ran toward the dock.  I followed, running behind her.  I felt the breeze  across my still wet pussy and felt a tingle of pleasure go up my spine. 

Emily reached the end of the dock and leaped into the crystal clear water.  I stopped at the edge of the dock and watched her as she broke the surface of the lake. Water cascaded down off her head and face.  The Lake was an abandoned rock quarry, about 100 feet deep, and on most days you could see nearly to the bottom the water was so clear.  But today all I could look at was Emily.

“Are you gonna join me Amanda?”

I leaped in after her, the shock of the cold water on my hot skin took my breath away, in a bust of bubbles I broke the surface, shivering as Emily swam to me.  “Oh my god, it’s Cold” I yelped as Emily swam to my side.

“Well, Come here” replied Emily as she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me “I’ll warm you up.”

Emily pulled me close as we began to kiss.  Our legs slowly kicked as we embraced, kissing each other in the crystal water.  Emily’s body felt amazing next to mine,  I could feel her breasts, bobbing in the water, pressed up against mine.  My nipples, already hard from the cold water, became harder as she rubbed her breasts against mine.  One of her hands went down between my legs and began to stroke me again as we continued to kiss. 

I held on to her, kicking my legs to keep me us both above the water as her hand slipped inside me.  She teased me for a while, stopping and starting, stroking my clit then slipping her finger deep inside me.  I leaned my head back in the water.  Amanda kissed my exposed throat and started to stroke faster.   I moaned with pleasure, wanting more, as she pushed me to the edge.  My body quivered with pleasure as the orgasm built inside me.  After a couple more minutes, it hit me like a bolt of lightning.  A scream was ripped from my lips as I came.  A flock of birds took flight from a tree, disturbed by my cry. 

After I could swim on my own again, Emily had been helping me stay above water, we swam to the edge of the dock and we climbed out.  We went back over and laid down on the blanket, letting the sun dry our naked bodies.

Emily turned and looked at me.  “So, you wanna do it again?”

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