Infinite Fantasies – Excerpt ♂️♀️

This is an excerpt from the first chapter of my book Infinite Fantasies that I am currently working on. This is still a rough draft

I couldn’t believe I was actually going to try it out.  The flier was tucked into the windshield of my car when I left work.  I didn’t see it on any other car.  Is this a joke from Emily?  She’s the only one I’ve ever told some of my crazier desires to..  If anyone would know about a place called Infinite Fantasies it’s Emily.  I looked down at the flier again.

Come experience your greatest fantasy.

Infinite Fantasies uses state of the art virtual reality

to let you experience your wildest sexual fantasies

If you can dream it I.F. can make it a reality

It wasn’t much of an advertisement, but after my disappointing one night stand three days ago, I needed  some fantasy.  Limp dick Jim was such a disappointment in the sack. Maybe this VR stuff could do what little Jimmy couldn’t and make me cum.

I walked in to the Infinite Fantasies headquarters and checked out the guy behind the counter.  His name tag said Stefan and I immediately felt myself get moist.  Stefan was a god among men.  Long black hair fell in waves down to is shoulders, his olive skin was as smooth as an apple and his arms looked like they could pick me up with no problems.  But his eyes, my god, those eyes were like dark pools into his soul.  He looked at me as I walked in the door, and the presence alone was enough to make me feel weak in the knees.

“Good afternoon Isabella.”

“How do you know my name?  I’ve never met you before”

He winked at me as he walked around the counter, he held out his hand, I was drawn to him as I put my hand in his.  He bent and kissed my hand, a shock of pleasure shot from my belly down to between my legs at the touch of his lips, I felt myself get wetter as he brushed his lips over my knuckles.

“I know everyone who comes in here, we are very selective on who we invite to Infinite Fantasies.  One of our clients said you may be in need of our services.”

“Was it Emily?”

He winked at me as he turned, leading me over to an overstuffed love seat.  He sat down next to me and moved his hand to my knee. A slight tremble went through me as he began to talk.

“Now, tell me, what is your fantasy?

“I don’t know, maybe Mister tall, dark, and handsome takes me to the beach and…” 

He cut me off with a smile and a small chuckle.

“No, Isabella.  We don’t need the setting, your mind will take care of that, we need to know who or what you want your partner to be”

“What do you mean by “What?” isn’t male or female pretty much the end of the options?”

His smile was a little more wicked when he laughed this time.

“No Isabella, at Infinite Fantasies there is no end of the options, we can give you anything you can think of.”

My mind began to race with the possibilities, I thought back to all the fantasy novels I had ever read.  A centaur, a leprechaun, Big Foot?  If Stefan was telling me the truth, I could be with any of them…or all of them.  A slow smile spread across my face as I told Stefan what I wanted in my fantasy.

After I told Stefan what I wanted, he lead me to my private room, he placed a small silver disk on my temple and told me to get undressed and lay down when I was ready to begin.  After he left I unbuttoned my shorts and slid them down my legs.  I wondered if he was watching me, but to be honest, that just made me more turned on.  I pulled my shirt off and tossed it to the ground.  I arched my back, hoping Stefan was watching as I unhooked my bra and added it to the pile.  My thong came off last, I stood naked, thinking about Stefan’s hands on me, I reached down to my shaved pussy and traced a finger up and down a couple times before going to the big king bed.  The black silk sheets felt cool on my bare skin as I slid in.

“Are you ready?”

I jumped as Stefan’s voice came over the speakers.  I told him I was and he told me to close my eyes and count back from 10.  I made it to nine before I was inside my fantasy.

I looked around me.  The first thing I noticed was that I was cold.  I looked down and saw I was standing on a stone floor; I could barely make out the stones because it was so dark.  I also noticed I was still naked.  I looked up and around, all the walls were stone as well, there was a torch on one wall near a heavy wooden door.  Iron bars on the door’s window confirmed I was in a Dungeon.  The rest of the room was empty except for a bed roll in the corner furthest from the door. 

I began to shiver as the cold began to seep in, goose bumps popped up over my thighs and arms as I walked around my cell.  I remembered what Stefan told me about the experience feeling absolutely real, I hadn’t believed him, but it was very real, too real.  I thought about the safe word Stefan had told me, the word that, if spoken, end the fantasy and bring me back to the real world.

I stopped when I heard foot steps approaching.  I cringed away from the door as it opened.  He loomed in the door, I could feel the blood drain from my face as he stared at me, his blood red eyes burned into me, he beckoned for me to follow and my body obeyed.  I tried to fight, to resist following him but I was a slave to his will, his simple hand gesture was enough to compel me to his will.  I followed him up the stairs out of the dungeon.  There was no windows, no light except for the torches along the wall. 

He stopped at another door and opened it, he gestured for me to go inside and I obeyed.  In the center of the room was a wooden table, leather straps were attached to the corners.  The rest of the room was empty except for a small table covered with a black silk cloth.

I felt him behind me, binding my wrists with rope.


His voice was like sand paper to my ears.  I fought the command, the first word my captor had spoken, but felt myself drop to my knees.  I looked up into his face.  His skin was the color of old ash, his burning red eyes met mine and I felt a flush of heat between my legs, I fought it but I couldn’t fight this desire any more than I could fight his will.  No, this was his will, he was making me feel this way, making me want him even as my mind and will screamed against it.

I looked down and saw he was naked.  I would have sworn he was clothed moments ago, although I couldn’t tell you what he was wearing, but it was gone now.  I could see his hard muscles and even harder erect cock. 

He smiled a wicked smile.  A row of sharp teeth were visible as he spoke.

“You are mine, you will obey”

I looked away and shuddered with fear…and excitement?  He reached down grabbed my chin, forcing me to look at him.  He forced his hard cock into my mouth.  I fought,  I wanted to bite it off..but I also wanted…to suck.  Oh god, the desire for him was overwhelming.  I began sucking, moving my head back and forth, slowly at first, then faster and faster.  My mind rebelled but my body responded to him.  I felt myself get wet, I wanted to play with my wet pussy but my hands were still bound!  I began to moan with pleasure as he grabbed the back of my head and began to thrust harder and deeper into my throat.

Faster and faster, he was throat fucking me with his hard, giant cock.  My body ached for him to fuck me, my pussy throbbed at the thought of that cock inside me.  He pulled his cock out, my spit glistened on his erection as he roughly pulled me to my feet.  He shoved me toward the table he untied my wrists from behind my back, then bound me, bent over the table.  I could feel my hard nipples pressing into the wood of the table as he laughed, cold and cruel behind me.  My pussy was nearly dripping I was so aroused, I wanted to touch myself but the bastard kept tying up my hands.  I pulled on the restraints, I didn’t care about escaping any more, I just wanted to stroke my wet pussy, I was so aroused I began to moan.  Then, I felt his hands on me, one hand went between my legs, stroking my wet pussy as the other hand slapped my ass.  I yelped at the pain of the slap, I begged him to stop while I hoped he wouldn’t…damn compulsion.

He slapped my ass again as his finger slipped inside me, my knees went weak with the pleasure of his finger, I sagged against the restraints as he pushed his fingers up inside my wet pussy.  I moaned in disappointment as he pulled his finger out of me, I needed more, I needed him inside me.  Then, he grabbed my hips and thrust his cock into me.  I could feel my tight pussy stretching as he thrust into me over and over.  I began to thrust back, as much as my restraints would allow me, taking him deeper into  me.  Harder and faster, harder and faster, I had never had a man pound me like this, I felt the orgasm building inside me, my legs began to shake with anticipation as he continued to thrust into me.  I couldn’t hold it in any more, I screamed as an orgasm was ripped out of me, my body shuddered as he continued to fuck me from behind.

I lost track of time, I don’t know how many times I came as he rammed into me from behind.  My pussy was sore and raw from his cock inside me, my thighs glistened from my orgasms.  Finally he pulled out.  Despite my pain, I moaned out a protest when he pulled out.  That fucking compulsion was still making me want him even as he ravaged me. 

This creature, this beast was insatiable. I felt his hardness against me, his massive cock, soaked from my throbbing pussy was shoved roughly into my ass.  I screamed with pain as he forced himself inside me, but my body immediately thrust back, taking him deeper into me.  He shoved an old rag in my mouth to silence my screams as he continued to fuck me in the ass.  I climaxed again and again, I felt his huge cock get harder, he thrust faster and faster, shoving his whole shaft inside me.  Then, he pulled out  and grabbed my wrists, snapping the bindings like they were made of string as he dragged me off and forced me to my knees.

“Open your mouth”

He grabbed my face, forcing me to look at him, I opened my mouth terrified of his giant grey cock, afraid of the load he was about to fill me up with.  My body on the other hand wanted that hot load in me, I licked my lips and stuck out my tongue.  He stroked his cock three more times then shoved his cock into my mouth as he came.  I gagged on the flood of semen in my mouth. I tried to swallow it all down but it just kept coming, I could feel the pulses as he emptied himself into me, it overflowed my mouth and ran down my chin.  It flowed down onto my breasts soaking them and still he continued.  Finally, after I was drenched in his semen he was done, I was soaked from my chin to my still throbbing pussy, covered in his sticky semen. 

He dragged me to my feet, forcing my head to the side, exposing my neck.  He clamped down on my neck, I felt the skin break and the blood flow then all went black.

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